Search and selection of employees

Requirements analysis

We determine the strategy of the selection process based on the analysis of your needs. We will help you define and name the exact requirements.


According to the criteria identified in the process of the entry of requirements we seek suitable candidates through a database, direct addressing and advertising. We constantly expand and update the database. The database meets all the requirements under the Act 428/2002 – The protection of personal data. We choose a suitable method of advertising and its placement on the website, in daily newspapers, regional or specialized periodicals based on the specifications of the job position and after the agreement with the client. Advertisement on the portal Profesia is free for the client. According to the criteria identified and the needs of a client we address directly the target group of the most suitable candidates. We maintain absolute confidentiality.

In personal interviews with selected candidates we check the suitability of a candidate for the particular position. We verify the pre-specified criteria through the application of different methods of interview conduct that provide an objective and valid assessment of the candidate. In addition to the verification of professional requirements (qualifications, experience), abilities, skills and knowledge in accordance with the requirements of a client, we focus our attention also on the personal eligibility of the applicant. In particular, we focus on the examination of internal motivation of candidates which is the basis of success together with the personal and professional qualities.

The client will be provided with a written analysis of the profile of the recommended candidates in the extent and form agreed (in person, by email …)


Time Range

Searching candidates from the database – 48 hours
Seaching through advertising – 1-3 weeks
Searching by direct addressing – 2-3 weeks
Selection and quality assessment of candidates – 1 to 3 weeks

The total time demand from the moment of the assignment of the project to the presentation of the candidates is 1-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the vacant position.


We provide a guarantee based on agreement, normally three months from the entry of a candidate into employment.
In the case of the termination of employment in the guarantee period, we guarantee a prompt search for a new suitable candidate without any additional fees. In case the client is not interested in the mediation of a new candidate, we guarantee to refund the agreed amount of the price paid.


Amount of the price depends on the position to be filled, the demands of a client on the selection process and a guarantee. We will be happy to provide more information at a personal consultation. Consultations related to the assignment of the project and drafting the project proposal along with the price quotation are free.

Personnel leasing

If necessary, we provide our clients with short-term coverage of the problematic situation with temporary employees through personnel leasing employment.


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