Personnel audit

Personnel audit provides an independent assessment of the managerial and personnel potential of the company and provides a complex picture of the personnel situation and personnel management efficiency. Personal and professional qualities of employees are assessed for the given position; the potential of teams is identified, the motivational structure of employees, interpersonal relations and processes and the quality of corporate culture is analyzed.

The effect of the application of the audit outcomes is an increase of efficiency, productivity, improvement of teamwork, improvement of internal communication and atmosphere in the company, an increase of motivation and satisfaction, a decrease of staff fluctuation and the identification of development opportunities of employees and teams leading to the establishment of development plans of employees and teams.

The output is a written report containing an analysis of the current state of the company according to the project assignment and specific recommendations, including the reference to the strengths and weaknesses, potential opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis). The outputs are interpreted to the submitter or also to the employees or teams audited.
Personnel Audit Methodology
- Structured interview drawn up according to the specific focus of personnel audit
- Assessment Centre or Development Centre
- Psycho-diagnostics – performance tests, personality questionnaires, projective methods
- Observation and qualitative analysis of work behaviour in natural environment
- Qualitative analysis of the selected documents of a company
- Other specific methods according to the project assignment

The price is set individually depending on the extent and depth of the audit and the number of persons audited.
Consultations related to the assignment of the project and drafting the project proposal along with the price quotation are free.



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