Mystery shopping

Do you know how your employees treat customers? Are they polite and helpful?

It is a generally well-known fact that the employee, who comes into the first contact with a client, decisively affects success or failure of the sale of a product or a service, because a customer decides not only according to the product´s quality but mainly according to the seller´s attitude.
It is also true that dissatisfied customers have more friends than the satisfied ones…

Mystery shopping (MS) is the analysis of behaviour and attitude towards clients as well as the analysis of the selling skills level through simulated clients. The basic methodology is a comparison of simulated experience with the internal standard which determines how the service should be performed. Specially prepared and trained associates of our company will visit the customer – their company, shop or office and they will create a predefined business situation.

Throughout the interaction they observe the behaviour of the seller, their expression, approach, willingness, professional knowledge, ability to pass information in a comprehensive way, capability to react individually according to the type of a customer and also the environment in which the meeting takes place. The assessed employees act naturally, without the feeling of being judged and so enable the simulated client to create a detailed picture about the way of work and approach to a real client.

The results acquired in this manner are highly dependable and create space for their effective utilization, which leads to the direct increase of the quality of customer´s service.The output is usually in the form of a written report containing complex analysis of the observed criteria, comparison of the assessed persons, recommendation in the area of further education and development. The outputs from the MS are tools for establishing system corrections. The connection of the outputs to the assessment system is effective, joined for example with various forms of internal competition where the most successful sellers are rewarded.

A significant long-term improvement of employees‘ approach to clients can be achieved by repeating the mystery shopping in irregular and repeated intervals. Even when the „Boss“ isn’t watching at the moment.

The price is set individually depending on the extent of monitored criteria and the number of observed persons. Consultations concerning the assignment of mystery shopping, drafting the project proposal and the price quotation are free.


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