Personnel and psychological counselling


Our company offers outsourcing of the HR services in full or in partial extent, allowing you to fully concentrate on the main subject of your business. Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed. The advantage of the outsourcing of HR services is the cost and time saving, the securing of professional performance of activities and the possibility of partial and dynamic use of the service. The price is set individually depending on the extent of the outsourced services, while it can also be set for specific projects or through a flat monthly fee.
We may take responsibility for:

  • Personnel administration i.e. all labour law and administrative activities
  • Strategic and operational personnel planning such as diagnostics of personnel reserves, analysis and description of the job position, selection processes, outplacement
  • Evaluation and motivational systems from the creation of the adaptation processes through the evaluation systems to benefits systems
  • The remuneration of employees, payroll accounting , payroll system
  • Training and development i.e. systems of education, career plans, talent management, planning and implementation of educational activities
  • Satisfaction surveys, analysis of fluctuation
  • Personnel audit

    Individual personnel and psychological counselling

    We offer professional assistance in solving problems related to work or personal life of employees as well as of the management of companies. The aim of counselling is to analyze the nature of the problem and help find a solution so that the individual can fully devote himself to his profession, further personal and professional growth. We co-operate with psychologists with long psychotherapeutic practice and we can recommend and provide a professional according to the nature of the problem.


    Psycho-diagnostics in the work environment helps to use the human potential more efficiently by providing deeper insight into the overall structure of personality and an assessment of its compliance with the requirements set for a job position. It is used as a fast and effective tool in the selection of new employees, in filling the job position from internal resources, in filling the position with special requirements, as part of a personnel audit, or as part of the Assessment Centre or Development Centre. Psycho-diagnostics consists of standardized psychological tests aimed at assessing the performance capabilities such as intellectual potential, ability to concentrate, decision-making ability under time pressure and the like. Then there are personality questionnaires and projective techniques mapping the focus of personality. A structured interview serves as a tool e.g. to identify the motivation of a person or as a special verification of selected variables. In specific cases we go for situationally chosen methods, too.
    The output is a written report analyzing the performance skills and personal potential and recommendations for the optimal use of the potential of the person tested.
    Testing can be conducted individually or in groups, usually max.10 people per group. IT IS POSSIBLE TO USE THE PREMISES OF OUR COMPANY. The time span of testing is between 3-8 hours and the processing of results takes 2 to 5 days.
    The price is set individually, depending on the extent of the tests used and the number of the persons tested.


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